Satya Borgohain


I am passionate about programming, building things and always up for exchanging ideas and indulging in a few thought bubbles. Artificial intelligence fascinates me: the unexplored recesses of human ingenuity, the augmentation of our collective intelligence, a universal problem solver in some sense and its implications (ethical or otherwise). The road is long and winding, but I hope it will provide a window into understanding our own cognition along the way.

To that end, I work with machine/deep learning paradigms and am currently a Research Fellow at Monash University. In terms of research, I work in the areas of Natural Language Processing, Interpretable/Explainable AI, Sparsity, Bayesian Neural Networks among others. I studied Mechanical Engineering and subsequently Data Science for my Bachelors and Masters respectively. In my prior life, I built and shipped predictive models to production.

I love hiking, cycling and exploring nature in general and constantly strive to create more room for it in my life. If I’m not out doing those—you might find me reading, playing the guitar, listening to a plethora of podcasts or sketching.

If you would like to chat or collaborate please feel free to shoot me an email or connect with me on my socials below.


  • Research Fellow (DevOps & Machine Learning) • SoDa Labs, Monash University

  • Research Assistant • SoDa Labs, Monash University

  • Machine Learning Engineer • MotionAI

  • System Engineer • TCS

You can find my complete résumé here.